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Since we first delivered our delicious lactose free long life milk in 1996, Liddells has grown to become Australia’s favourite lactose free dairy brand, offering a wide range of great tasting lactose free dairy products including fresh milk, cream cheese, custard, cream, cheese and yoghurt. Lactose and Liddells Liddells lactose free dairy products are made from cow’s milk and are great for people who love the taste of dairy and want its nutritional benefits, but prefer products that are lactose free. Lactose is a sugar that’s naturally found in all kinds of milk. Our bodies produce an enzyme called lactase that helps us digest lactose. Some of us have insufficient levels of lactase, so we can’t always digest milk sugars properly. Have you ever drunk a delicious milkshake and then felt bloated or uncomfortable afterwards? It could be the lactose that’s disagreeing with you. So, why not try our Liddells lactose free products today, and eat what you love!

Liddells Milk Cow

Delicious dairy goodness, 100% preservative free.

We are committed to producing great tasting, lactose free products so that you can continue to enjoy dairy as part of a healthy lifestyle. Our aim is to ensure that all of our Liddells lactose free range is made available to you.

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