Welcome to Liddells.

We’ve been creating delicious lactose free products since 1996 and today we offer a huge lactose free range including fresh milk, cream, cheese, cream cheese, custard and yoghurt. We’re committed to helping families enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of real Australian dairy, without the lactose.

Liddells Milk

Delicious Dairy Lactose Free

Liddells lactose free dairy products are made from cow’s milk and are great for people who love the taste of dairy and want its nutritional benefits, but prefer products that are lactose free.

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Sour cream

Where to buy.

Our Liddells lactose free products are available in supermarkets across Australia.

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About us.

Since we first delivered our delicious lactose free long life milk in 1996, Liddells has grown to become Australia’s favourite lactose free dairy brand.

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