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Smoked Bacon and Cheese Croquettes
  • Prep
    20 minutes
  • Total
    15 minutes
  • Serving
    10-12 croquettes

Lydia’s Smoked Bacon and Cheese Croquettes


2 cups cold mashed potato
6 rashers of smoked bacon
125g Liddells Lactose Free Cheese cubed
2 tablespoons finely chopped chives
1 egg yolk & 1 egg
⅓ cup rice flour
1 cup gluten free breadcrumbs
oil for frying


Step 1

Finely chop the bacon. Add to non-stick pan on medium heat and cook for 4 minutes or until crispy

In a large bowl combine mashed potato, bacon, chives, egg yolk and salt and pepper.

Take a large spoonful of the mix and place it in your palm. Flatten the mixture and place a cube of Liddells Lactose Free Cheese in the centre. Fold the mixture over and roll into a ball.

Place the rice flour in a bowl, a whisked egg into another bowl and the breadcrumbs into a third bowl.

To crumb each croquette, roll each ball into the rice flour followed by the egg mixture and finally into the breadcrumbs. Set aside until all are coated.

In a large frypan add in enough oil to shallow fry. Once heated, fry each croquette for 5 minutes, turning every so often to ensure even cooking.

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