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Lactose Free

Discover our lactose free Yoghurt range

Looking for a thick and creamy yoghurt that’s packed full of calcium without the lactose? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our lactose free yoghurt still contains real dairy and all of the vital nutrients you’d normally find in regular yoghurt. Choose from our range of tasty flavours including plain, strawberry, blueberry, mango, tropical and vanilla bean.

What is lactose free yoghurt?

First of all, it’s important to understand what lactose is. A naturally forming sugar found in dairy, lactose is normally broken down by an enzyme known as lactase located in our digestive system. For those with lactose intolerance, they have much lower lactase levels and as a result, struggle digesting lactose.

Our products have the lactase enzyme added to the dairy during the manufacturing process. This allows us to breakdown the lactose before you even eat it, making it easier for your tummy to digest. This means you’re still able to enjoy the delicious creamy taste of regular dairy yoghurt, without any lactose.

Easy to digest

This nutritious and delicious snack looks and tastes just like real yoghurt – because it is! Just without the lactose. If you’re someone who struggles with lactose intolerance, then our lactose free yoghurt range is for you. We remove the lactose during the production process so it doesn’t disagree with your tummy.

Lactose free yoghurt
vs Dairy free yoghurt

Whereas dairy free products are made from dairy substitutes, such as almonds or grains, our lactose free yoghurt is still made with real dairy. Someone who is lactose intolerant, isn’t necessarily dairy intolerant, after all. If you’re someone who struggles digesting lactose, it’s important to still include some dairy in your diet, making our range of lactose free yoghurts perfect as a delicious, nutritious snack.

Get inspired by our lactose free recipes

Get inspired by our lactose free recipes